Sometimes you mark a task as completed by mistake. It’s easy for a tap to go awry if you’re for example in a moving vehicle, and certainly we’ve all had times of thinking something was finished or fixed but then finding out otherwise.

What you should do next depends on whether the task you accidentally or prematurely marked as completed was a non-repeating task or a repeating task:

For a non-repeating task

When you complete a non-repeating task, it gets moved to the Completed section at the end of your task list, and then you have a window of about an hour before Kitty Todo permanently deletes it from the database.

So if less than an hour has passed since you had marked the task as completed, you can scroll down to the bottom of your task list in either the Kitty Todo app or homescreen widget, and tap the cat’s checked checkbox nose to uncheck it, marking the task as uncompleted again, and returning it to its previous section and position in the list.

But if more than an hour has passed, and the task has already been permanently deleted, you’ll just have to create that task again.

For a repeating task

When you complete a repeating task, Kitty Todo immediately schedules the next repeat. So if you want to undo that, what you need to do is, in either the Kitty Todo app or homescreen widget, to scroll down to where in your task list the next repeat has been scheduled (for example, if the task repeats once a week, it will now be further down the list with a new due date of one week after the previous due date). When you locate the task, tap it anywhere other than the cat’s checkbox nose to edit it, change the due date back to the previous due date, and tap UPDATE TASK.


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