Kitty Todo helps you remember and follow through on ideas, with quick one-time tasks as notes to yourself

The fact that entering tasks with Kitty Todo can be as quick and simple as tapping the purple + button, entering a few words, and tapping Add Task, also makes Kitty Todo really convenient and useful for noting and remembering (and later following through on) things that wouldn’t normally be considered tasks.

Maybe you’re out and about and have a momentary idea for something you might like to write about. Or maybe you wake up in the middle of the night with a thought about what might be a better way to do something.

Again, you can just tap the purple + button, enter a few words, tap Add Task, and continue with whatever you were doing. You can change the priority or due date if you like, but just leaving them as the default Big cat and Today means that you’ll see these new “tasks” right away the next time you scroll through your tasks.

Give it a try! You’ll be happy when you do this, and then later in the day or the next morning come across one of these ideas or thoughts that you had that had otherwise already completely slipped your mind.

Use Kitty Todo in combination with other types of note-taking

I go to a lot of tech conferences, and while I do take notes with a notebook or laptop during some of the sessions, I also use Kitty Todo to enter what you might think of as quick “action items”, for example “try <this>”, “what if I did <this>”, “sign up for <this>”, “update <this>”. How soon I go over my more conventionally-written notes after I get home from a conference may vary, but the ones I took on Kitty Todo will basically be “right in my face” the next time I scroll through my tasks, making sure I get to them quickly.

Use Kitty Todo’s homescreen widget for even faster note-taking

And to make this even more quick and convenient, use Kitty Todo’s homescreen widget — it’s a miniature version of Kitty Todo that stays on your homescreen, so anytime you have an idea or thought you want to remember, all you have to do is pick up your phone or tablet and tap the purple + button, you don’t even need to scroll through your apps to get to and launch Kitty Todo first.


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