These things happen! When a task is past its due date, Kitty Todo moves it to the Overdue section at the beginning of your task list, and displays its due date in red. You’ll also get a notification telling you the number of overdue tasks that you have. You can still complete or edit the task normally; Kitty Todo is just highlighting that the task is now overdue.

There are a few other things to think about when a task becomes overdue, depending on whether it’s a non-repeating or repeating task:

Overdue non-repeating tasks

If you finish a non-repeating task after the due date, just tap the cat’s checkbox nose to complete it as usual.

But if instead you want to reschedule the task to a future date when you’ll have more time for it, just tap the task anywhere other than the cat’s checkbox nose to edit it, select the new date, and tap UPDATE TASK.

Overdue repeating tasks

How you want to deal with an overdue repeating task can vary depending on what the task is and what your priorities are for it. For example, suppose you had created a “Write 1000 words in my novel” task that repeats daily, but yesterday you were busy with other things, and didn’t do any writing.

If your main focus in creating the task was the number of words, then you may want to get yesterday’s 1000 words written today, then mark the overdue task complete, then write 1000 more words for today, and then mark today’s repeat complete as well.

But if your main focus was just to get into the habit of writing every day whenever possible, you may just want to go ahead and move on and mark the overdue task as complete, and then write today’s 1000 words as usual, without making up for the ones you missed yesterday.

Or suppose you have a “Dust the living room” task that repeats every Saturday, but last week you never got to it. When Saturday rolls around again just mark it as completed anyway, and do today’s dusting as usual — no point in dusting the same room twice in one day!

The other thing to keep in mind about overdue repeating tasks is that when you mark a repeating task as completed, Kitty Todo schedules the next repeat from its due date rather than its completion date. So if your 1000 words task above was due yesterday, but you don’t mark it as completed until today, the next repeat will be scheduled for today, not tomorrow. Or if you’ve scheduled a task for for example the first day of each month, if one month you don’t actually complete it until the third day of the month, the next repeat will still be scheduled for the first day of the next month, not the third.


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