You’re doing great! Scroll down the list to the task, and tap the cat’s checkbox nose to complete it. What happens next is a little different depending on whether it was a repeating or non-repeating task:

For a non-repeating task

You’re done! The completed task moves to the Completed section at the end of your task list, and then you have a window of about an hour before Kitty Todo permanently deletes it from the database (in case you had marked it as completed by mistake, and now want to uncomplete it).

For a repeating task

Kitty Todo schedules the completed task’s next repeat, updating your task list with the task moved to the section and position for its next due date.

Be aware that when you mark a repeating task as completed, Kitty Todo schedules the next repeat from the due date rather than the completion date. So if for example you had created a task that repeats once a week on Friday, but this week you completed it a day early, on Thursday, Kitty Todo will still schedule the next repeat for the Friday a week after what had been the due date.


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